The Legacy for Gender Equality Continues

The world has come a long way since the 18th century protests by women demanding

Voting Rights

. This first fight for

Gender Equality

gave rise to other



Equal Wages

and many more in the aftermath.
The Business Tycoons - The Legacy for Gender Equality Continues
The next era saw the superwoman concept wherein women shouldered all her roles on the home and office front with grace and success. Despite going through the grind day in and day out, she rarely complained.
We have undergone seismic changes for centuries and today, we can see women doing the same but with a twist in her tale for the better – and that is the support of her better half in sharing responsibilities equally on all fronts
. We salute women and the men who have brought about this positive change and made the world a better place for all, as a happy woman means a happy family, happy colleagues and happy managers.
Gone are the days when words like breaking the glass ceiling, shattering gender bias or shoulder to shoulder with men, et al, were used to describe married women who had careers. In fact, the concept of a prefix to a name describing the gender have been eliminated in many instances.
But the cause of gender equality continues and will continue for the next few decades to achieve total equality in many regions. What is heartening is that today the many men are striving for the cause shoulder to shoulder with women. Isn’t that a positive role reversal?
We, in India, have always given women lot of respect and importance. Our ancient scriptures, our epics and culture are all replete with the importance and respect women got.
. We worship Goddess Durga for Shakti (Strength/Power), Goddess Saraswati for Vidya (Knowledge) and Goddess Laxmi for Dhan (Money)
Somewhere down the line, we got influenced with other cultures – partly because of the rule in India and partly because we just got carried away with either too much of modernism or too much of conservatism, whereas we have always followed gender equality and in some instances even preference to women.
Even today, some regions and societies in India are matriarchal or equal. Yet, it would take some years to eliminate the external influences that have been embedded so deeply in our minds that we have lost track of our roots. What is positive though is that we are ready to go back to our rich culture and tradition along with the positive influences of modernism.
This year’s International Women's Day the mantra is Embrace Equity. Equity, a step ahead of equality needs to be embraced by all. Being inclusive or equitable will ensure equality. Equity and equality are basic human rights and needs to be part of every society's DNA.
The United Nations’ theme for this year’s Women’s Day is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” with which it aims to emphasise the importance of technology to focus on gender issues.
We, at Global India Business Forum, have always ensured equality and inclusivity for our women staff. We salute the spirit of women and will continue to work towards women empowerment.
Happy International Women’s Day!