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Suman Mahendra Prasad Sharma started her career as Portfolio Manager in Kotak Mahindra Bank just after finishing his Masters In Finance from Bangalore. This job gave her a rich experience in Banking and Non-Banking, having had a stint with Barclays and Kotak Mahindra Bank. She is an astute strategic planner, her expertise comes to fore in the areas of budgeting, taxation, investment and wealth management. She is extremely good at crisis management and resolving complex financial issues.

She believes in the culture of treating the staff as his family and works on the philosophy that there is no hierarchy, all the staff, and the company members are on the same level. Her mantra for success is passion, dedication, and involvement.

Her favourite quote is "No matter how good is your intention, the world judges you on your presentation, no matter how good is your presentation God judges you on your intention". She follows Shri Ratan Tata and very much agrees with his quote- "I don’t believe in making the right decision I believe in making my decision right".

She believes that balancing the work and personal-life is like a roller-coaster ride but is full of fun.

In 2011 she started Phoenix Wealth Managers and went for a joint venture with his Professor of MBA. After starting Phoenix Wealth Managers, she took consultancy of the RB group. Later on in September 2012, she got appointed as Director Finance of the group and just after that, she quit the Kotak Bank's job of portfolio manager.

In March 2017, the company incorporated RSI with recruitment & staffing services and on June 19 the company started a new wing of IT, where the company gives services and is also involved in developing software.

RS signature was founded with the sole purpose of transforming the way businesses across multiple verticals are operating in terms of finances, HR, and IT. The motto is to integrate traditional business operations with IT advancement. RS Signature is an organization built on virtues like expertise, honesty, integrity, and dedication. It believes in a flexible approach towards every client and its requirements.

RS signature offers and provides end-to-end IT support to its clients. The company has teams of excellent IT professionals who are creative in their respective areas and always strive to provide the best. Being an IT company, RS signature always motivates businesses to patronize technology advancement and get it used for the company’s betterment.

Web/App Development, Software Development, Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Machine Learning and Internet of Things are some IT solutions provided by RS signatures to its clients.

The company works 24*7 to deliver the best IT support and services, Quality with commitment, Integrity & transparency and Dedicated Client Success Team are the USPs of the RS Signature’s business. When it comes to IT solutions for business, it starts from web/app development and can go as far as AI & AR/VR technologies. All these new-age services would help businesses to create a space in the digital world and stay connected to their customers. RS signature services and products help companies in staying connected with their customers and cater to them with the best possible services. It is one of the few IT companies with assured expertise and reliable, consistent results. It’s dedicated Client Success team ensures that the Clients are provided with world-class customer experience throughout the Project lifecycle which adds another feather in the cap for RS signature.

The Sanjay Ghodawat Group

The Sanjay Ghodawat Group is India’s No.1 group in floriculture and manufacturing of oxalic acid, has a strong presence in renewable energy, FMCG, textiles, mining, real estate and growing substantially in education. Headquartered in Kolhapur in Maharashtra – India, the Sanjay Ghodawat Group has turned conventional understanding upside down by leveraging the lower cost of land and the availability of dedicated manpower to more than offset the increased cost of logistics resultant from being located away from the industrial concentrations.

Early Life and Academics

The Sanjay Ghodawat Group has identified areas that will be greenfield in the future. Developing infrastructure and resources locally has been a key thrust area. By creating employment and opportunities locally, the Group has earned immense respect and loyalty from the local population. The Group is now poised to go places by replicating its successful model in the remaining parts of India and also plans to look globally for further opportunities.

Career Highlights

Today, with over 6,000 employees and innumerable retail outlets, the Group’s reach spreads far corners of the country and beyond. With exports growing by leaps and bounds, the Group will soon span across continents. The Group is a strategically diversified conglomerate today with an ever-growing presence in high-value sectors relevant to the country’s economic development and preservation of depleting resources. Stoked by the ambition to become ‘the biggest, the best and the most valuable’ conglomerate, the Group is on the right path of unparallel growth, expansion, and consolidation.

The Group operates Sanjay Ghodawat Institute. The Instituteis spread across 150 Acres, Sou. Sushila Danchand Ghodawat Charitable Trust's Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions (SGI)'s is situated in a serene atmosphere amidst idyllic hills and lush green meadows. Study in harmony with Nature. The Institution aspires to run along the lines of best-in-the-world education and become a world-class institution where the teaching-learning process gets a far deeper meaning.

Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat has laid the foundation of this integrated campus where SGI will promote paperless education with a motto of imparting quality education to students. The Institution shall be streamlined into Engineering, Management, and an International School.

The group runs on a simple philosophy, "Grow to be the biggest, the best and the most valuable." This simple and strong philosophy has let the Group to treat each success, each achievement as a milestone and has pushed it to strengthen its efforts to go from toughness to energy by raising the bar to the next level.

The Sanjay Godawat Group believes in Treating people, Employees, Associates, Channel partners, Peers, etc. – as part of the group's extended family and work incessantly towards their welfare. The group likes to follows fair trade practices and at utmost transparency in all business dealings. Being a socially responsible corporate citizen by paying back to the society what the group earn from it by contributing generously to social, medical and educational causes to help the down-trodden, Contribute to the development of the Country, Work ceaselessly for protection of the environment, with such strong and meaningful values proves that the Group has its heart and soul in the right place.

Mr Sanjay Ghodawat is the one who predicted the importance of investing in technology to upgrade quality to international standards and won several accreditations on the way. He is the man with vision and leadership.