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The magazine content firstly consists of a cover story which presents an entrepreneur’s business or personal story. This story is followed by success stories of different businessmen and businesswomen across the wide spectrum of sectors. The magazine also consists of news about upcoming trade fairs, events and seminars. This is followed by a sector-wise review to give a fair idea about the progress of each sector. This magazine also gives in-depth information about the different business opportunities in each country across the globe. Information about the present and the future mergers and acquisitions and bilateral trade agreements between countries is also given.

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The Business Tycoons magazine has a global reach of around 15 million on a monthly basis. The magazine gets maximum readership from the region of Asia which is at 83.36% followed by other European and American regions. When it comes to an industry-wise analysis of the reach, then the magazine gets its maximum reach from the Automobile industry, followed by FMCG and Agriculture industries. Globally, the magazine reaches mainly the small-scale industries at 39.86% followed by the medium scale industry at 26.64%. In India, the magazine mainly reaches the medium-scale industries with a 28.70% share. This was followed by small-scale industries at 24.95%.

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The Business Tycoons magazine has a strong distribution model with over 35,000 hard copies being distributed every month. The magazine is also available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and BookGanga. It is also uploaded on the GIBF website and other 50+ websites across the world, which is exclusively dedicated to the magazine. The magazine has its presence on social media platforms as well like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. The magazine’s distribution is also made possible via 200+ WhatsApp groups of GIBF. The Business Tycoons magazine also has more than 1.5 crore monthly subscriptions and the magazine is distributed via mail.

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The Business Tycoons magazine gives the clients different options or plans with the help of which they can choose how they want their article to be published or featured in the magazine. The first plan helps the client get an idea of how their cover story would look like in the magazine. Then the second plan will help the client in getting their success stories published. While the 3rd and the 4th plans talk about promoting exhibitions and trade fairs and getting their brand advertised, respectively. These adverts can be of an entire page, half a page or can occupy just a quarter of the page as well.

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