Sector-wise Forum is one of the unique concepts introduced by Global India Business Forum (GIBF) to bring the

global business fraternity

closer to

boost economies worldwide


GIBF’s mission

is to bring together leaders from different sectors across the globe, promote their businesses and encourage

inter country trade

through various programmers.
The forum aims to create a

global network of businesses

, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, connect MSMEs across countries and create tie-ups between

chambers of commerce

from various sectors. Through its Sector-wise Forum, GIBF wants to create a network of businesses which will be


to those involved and will also boost the economies of their respective countries. This Forum aims to

bring prosperity

to various sectors and

strengthen relations between countries

We are associated with the following sectors and are striving to promote them for economic growth

Automotive             Manufacturing       Information Technology       Lifestyle       FMCG       Real Estatebi       Food and Beverages       Fashion       Travel       Electronics       Corporate       Healthcare       Education       Finance

Objectives of GIBF’s Sector-wise Forum

It is To develop, nurture and promote different sectors across countries.
It is To create business opportunities in various sectors.
It is To create a network of sector-wise businesses across countries.


It is Global India Business Forum aims to not only promote and create a network of businesses but also to promote different sectors and connect them to the countries involved.
It is Facilitate easy access to underdeveloped and developing countries in global markets and provide them with a platform to explore opportunities across countries.
It is To hold seminars, webinars, award ceremonies for exchanging information, speaking about business opportunities, felicitating those who have excelled in their fields and deserve recognition, and to be featured in our magazine, ‘The Business Tycoons’.
It is To have prominent businesspersons as part of this forum.
It is Export/Import: identifying opportunities.
It is Provide only authentic and genuine business opportunities through GIBF.
It is Provide logistic support, when and if needed.
It is Create tie-ups amongst chambers of commerce and have businesspersons as part of this forum.
It is Promote women entrepreneurs, start-ups, etc., through our magazine, ‘The Business Tycoons’.
It is Organize Expert Connect programs to share experiences of top businesspersons, industrialists and leading members of their sectors.