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Mr. Avnish Kumar, Founder and CEO of LivNSense Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has a proven and astounding experience of 25+ years in the Engineering and Information Technology (IT) industry. Being an alumnus of NIT-Durgapur and MBA from University of Melbourne itself speaks volumes about his expertise and knowledge in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

LivNSense is a pioneering industrial IoT & AI platform led venture that primarily serves the manufacturing industry. The R&D office is headquartered in Bangalore, India and sales headquarters in USA. Within just two years, LivNSense has acquired a great Fortune 500 customer base. It has come up with different businesses in different areas; some of these companies are WELDSENSE, Furnace4.0 and ViCAS enabled by iSense4i™ (An Industrial AI Platform).

Mr. Kumar kickstarted his career by being a part of the R&D team in the Telecommunication Industry and had been with Motorola, before moving on to Infosys. After working for Infosys for some time, he switched over to Wipro Technologies, where he worked for 13 years. It is here that Mr. Kumar found his true calling and started his journey in the fields of AI and IoT. To explore these fields more, he started creating connected devices in the year 2010 in association with leading ISV and Semicon companies and thus went on to develop one of leading connected TV products for global markets. The connected Devices business touched upon the Consumer & Intuitive Experiences and leveraged the Internet of Devices ecosystem. He then leveraged this experience to build Connected Engineering Practices at some of the leading IT companies including emerging IT companies like Incedo Inc.

However, while working with these companies, Mr. Kumar felt that something was missing. Hence, to fill this glaring gap, he decided to start a company along withsome of his colleagues who carried equally esteemed amount of experience. One of his colleagues was Mr. Ajatashatru Singh, who is the co-founder of LivNSense comes with product development experience from Bosch and Huawei while his other colleague was Ms. Priyanka Kumar who is now the co-founder and Director of LivNSense. Later on Mr. Rajan Bhatnagar joined this team to lead the business globally, who is an IIT Roorkee alumni and comes with 25+ years' experience in leading successful start-ups and IT companies in past. The company has successfully completed 2.5 years in the IT industry and already making a name for itself among established companies. The company has also grown in size since its inception, thanks to the constant innovation that the company brings in, something that Mr. Kumar deeply believes to be the mantra of their success.

Mr. Kumar started LivNSense with the vision of “making machines act like human beings”. He saw a huge gap between the manufacturing and IT sectors and realised that introducing IoT in the manufacturing sector would be a very cost-effective way to conduct manufacturing processes. He is also on the mission to not only introduce AI into the manufacturing industry, but to also bring in safety measures while introducing it as human safety is of paramount importance and that is what sets LivNSense apart from its competitors. He wants to make machines and humans work in harmony.

LivNSense offers an “Out of the Box” Digital Twin platform, iSense4i™ that converts continuous process industry with standard electronic systems, into a Cognitive Living Equipment, thereby significantly lowering the cost of operations and reducing the carbon footprint LivNSense recently launched Cognitive Furnace 4.0 platform helps Chemical companies with overall plant efficiency improvement, furnaces yield and energy optimization with safety as key feature.

If there is one aspect of LivNSense that also acts as its USP, then that is bringing in customised and highly innovative solutions to its customers' problems. Also, before these solutions are implemented, aspects like challenges faced by manufacturing plants and the company's regulatory compliance policies are taken into consideration and only then are solutions developed and implemented. And these solutions are not 'one-time-wonder' ones but are long term in nature.

The key challenge for Mr. Kumar, while taking the bold step of merging IoT with manufacturing sector, was to arrive at a common understanding of processes of different companies and then coming up with a solution. It was important to first understand a company's manufacturing processes thoroughly. Once that was understood, then the next step was to find technology gaps in an already established set of processes and to fill those gaps, one process at a time. The most important resistance that Mr. Kumar faced initially was from people as it was not easy for them to bring a change to their processes overnight. However, with time, he overcame these challenges and his success says it all.

When it comes to facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Kumar admits that they are facing challenges as a start-up as they are yet to rope in big customers, so survival becomes paramount. The pandemic has also affected their revenues and investment opportunities. However, there is a silver lining for them as LivNSense is generating revenues from manufacturing customers in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors. The launch of CoVIPS™, an Covid19 Vision based Predictive Safety Platform, for effective pandemic management for industries is helping in addressing its customers immediate challenges with factories re-opening. They have also started collaborating with different academic institutions to take their business forward with focus on innovation in Manufacturing AI.

Now being Wipro alumni, you also carry the values that you learn from the prestigious company and Mr. Kumar is no exception as he idolises Mr. Azim Premji and believes in doing honest business and treating his employees and customers with equal dignity and respect. LivNSense deeply believes in having an employee-friendly culture; he aims to create a 'people company'. If there is one mantra that Mr. Kumar swears by personally and professionally, it is to give importance to human relationships. This is because, it is an employee who can make or break a company and if the company treats its employees well, then the employee will also treat the company well.

He also believes in leading a disciplined and simple life as it helps him become a better person as well as a better businessman too. He tries to keep up with his daily routine of morning jogs, practicing yoga and meditation and detoxing from the digital world as much as possible. Another important ideology that he ardently follows has a lot to do with him being an avid reader of the Holy Bhagavad Gita. One of the most important lessons that he learnt while reading the holy text was that while it is important to be business-minded, you must also have humanity and compassion alive within you.

While the Japanese market is his favourite market given the high importance, Japanese citizens give to human relationships, for now his plans of expanding his business include entering markets like the USA, the Middle East, the UK and Australia.

“We are targeting to clock $100 Mn in revenue by 2025,” says Avnish Kumar. Below is one such credentials from their leading customer/partner,

“LivNSense has been our innovation partner for digital factory initiatives since pasty one year. This encompass a strong domain led team in IIoT with a deep understanding of Industry4.0 concepts, quick adoption across buisness use cases from sensor to cloud and are able to bring out innovative IoT solutions which are reliable and secured to help our customers improve machine utilization, efficiency, operator productivity, safety and predictive maintenance. We at Leadec Industrial Services are happy to embark on a digital journey with LivNSense to offer value added solutions to our customers.” Opines Sudhir Gurtoo, Managing Director at Leadec India.

Mr. Kumar signs off with a strong message to the budding entrepreneurs: never stop believing in yourself and your dreams and never look back once you have started walking on the path towards your dream.