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swapna-battul-proprietor-of-taarak-interior-design-studio-pune Swapna Battul proprietor of Taarak Interior Design Studio , Pune.

Crafting Exceptional and Personalized Spaces

When you

infuse passion

into whatever you do, big or small, the outcome is always


. The journey then onward becomes


and you

keep achieving milestones

after milestones. That’s what happened with

renowned interior designer


Swapna Battul



of Taarank - Interior Design Studio, Pune.


Interior Design Studio

is dedicated to

crafting exceptional


personalized spaces


reflect unique vision


lifestyle of clients

She started this firm in 2016

with a

vision to transform spaces

into inspiring and functional environment

“We understand that each space

has its own purpose and personality

, hence we

offer customized design solutions

. We undertake both

residential and commercial projects

. The

sole motive

of starting the firm

is to enhance creativity

and hence our scope is not only

restricted to interiors

, we also undertake

landscape designing


building facade design

. From

concept to execution

, we offer comprehensive interior design

tailor made

to meet the specific needs

of our clients

,” Swapna shares.

She adds that every project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, allowing her to express different design styles, experiment with diverse material and collaborate with a variety of clients and professionals. “This diversity keeps my passion for interior design alive and constantly fuels my desire to create beautiful and functional spaces,” Swapna explains. For Swapna, all the projects are unique with different site conditions and requirement. The primary challenge is meeting clients’ expectations and understanding their vision for their space. “We have to stay updated with the latest design concepts, material finishes and sustainable practices. Continuous learning and research are necessary to provide innovative designs. While it is natural to assume that a certain project holds a special place in an individual’s heart, I want to emphasize that each project I have worked on holds equal significance and sentiments for me,” she says.

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This success story is truly inspirational! It highlights the journey of triumph over challenges, motivating readers to pursue their goals with determination and resilience.

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The success story resonates with readers by presenting a journey that feels attainable. It breaks down success into achievable steps, making it relatable and encouraging.