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The arrival of Information Technology (IT) has made a huge impact all over the world. The world is connected now more than ever with different types of information right at your fingertips. Now, IT makes use of certain ways which can store, retrieve and send information in the desired manner. Users have started using IT to their advantage to grow their business exponentially. With IT being the rage all over the world right now, it only makes sense to stay connected to the virtual world to expand the business.

Benefits of IT to Farming:

Satellite Technology:

Various kinds of technology can be used to increase the productivity of the agriculture sector. Satellite technology can help farmers in a big way. Satellites can accurately show the current environmental conditions in real time. Not only that, they can also predict the future weather conditions accurately and can advise farmers on the type of crops to be grown and the time at which it has to be done. Most of the times, farmers are caught off-guard when unpredictable weather leaves farmers with destroyed crops and huge losses. This can be avoided with the help of Satellite Technology.

Soil Science:

Another important field of study that can help farmers produce the season’s best crops is through soil science. Soil science, as the name suggests, is the study of different soils and their properties in order to know their condition and the types of crops suitable for it.

This study and knowledge will help farmers to get a deeper understanding of how they can use their land in the most optimized way to yield maximum production.

Digital Mandis:

Online trading with the help of digital mandis will help farmers to get an idea of the actual price their produces will sell for in the market. This reduces the chances of middlemen cheating and robbing off farmers of their real profits.

Online grocery giants like Big Basket and Grofers use IT to make a transparent and fair deal to farmers so that there is no fuss of middlemen and farmers get a fair deal for their produce.


This app helps farmers gain knowledge about the current market or mandi prices and also helps them solve their queries and get information on the existing climate conditions. Farmers can also reach out to experts to seek their guidance on how to optimally use their land for better crop production. This app provides information in the farmer’s local language.


This is an interactive platform for farmers to gain all the knowledge about the current products and services in vogue in the market. It also helps them get information about the latest farming practices so that no farmer is left behind to produce good crops.

Hence, Information Technology and its facilitators can really help farmer reach their true potential provided they get the right guidance and advice from the experts. It is now more important than ever to stay connected with the virtual trends in farming as much as possible, thanks to COVID-19 crisis. As social distancing and other restrictions have created a dent in the agriculture sector, the IT sector can come to its rescue to ensure minimal loss of crop and money to the farmers.