Dr. Vandana Sharma - Welcome to Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited Dr. Vandana Sharma, Founder of Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited

Dr. Vandana Sharma, Founder of Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited

Mrs. Vandana Sharma is The Superwoman of The 21st Century & The Most Powerful Healer of All Times & is Also Known As The Most Powerful Healer in This Universe. Vandana Sharma is the Chairperson, Co-founder and/or principal of 12 different fastest growing companies / NGOs (Healing - Health and Wellness, Edutech, Preschool Chain, Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, Exports, Holding Company, LED Lighting, Construction & Interior Designing, Three NGOs )

Dr. Vandana Sharma - Healing Through the Greatest Powers of All - The Power of Powers
Every child has a dream of having Superpowers to save this world, accomplish big or impossible things or help someone who is in need, but they don’t have them. What if you actually get these Superpowers? Well, meet someone who actually owns such SUPERPOWERS and is helping people across the globe.
It all happened when she was meditating sometime around the year 2016, when she experienced a robust energy flow through her body that healed her of the numerous health issues that she was trying to overcome. This incident was to change the course of her life and gave her a more meaningful purpose. This divine energy cured her of all the ailments without any medical treatment.
Meet Dr. Vandana Sharma (Hon.) - The Superwoman of the 21st Century and the TIME herself, and the Founder of Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited.
She went on to learn the healing technique Power of Powers by the divine energy itself and founded Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited in December 2019. Known as The Superwoman, she is the greatest energy healer of all times with extraordinary healing powers. She claims to be the descendent of the Power of Powers, the strongest and purest reflection of divine energy in creation. Vandana has inspired everyone in her life and continues to devote her life to helping others. Dr. Vandana Sharma is known to be the inventor of the most powerful healing technique in the universe – “The Power of Powers.” Power of Powers is the only healing modality in the universe which is 100 % word to word guided by the divine force itself to its daughter and so it is extremely powerful, absolute and result-oriented. This is the most advanced science in this universe - highly futuristic. She is an entrepreneur and a self-motivated woman. She is the inventor of a unique and most advanced astrology and vastu science in the world - SaEnergy Astrology and SaEnergy Vastu.

The Journey

Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited was established in December 2019, though Dr. Vandana was working as a freelancer since October 2016. “I was suffering from many diseases namely diabetes, heart ailment, arthritis, low blood pressure, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, Vitamin B-12 deficiency and severe allergy from it tablets and supplements. When I first took it, I fainted in just few minutes. I am vegetarian, so my diet does not support Vitamin B12 intake much. I had very low levels of calcium in spite of taking high doses of calcium every day and also last but not the least I had incisional hernia which can be cured only through a surgery. I had an interaction with the divine source of “Power of Powers” in October 2016 where I got a new life and then all my ailments disappeared and I am the only person on the earth to heal my hernia without any operation,” narrates Dr. Vandana. The JourneyShe shares that then onwards the healing power came within her and her family and with the divine guidance of Power of Powers, they developed a very powerful, absolute and result-oriented healing technique and they named it Power of Powers. They started healing their relatives and friends without their knowledge and the Sharmas saw the healing happen.
Seeing the results they started healing as freelancer and their first client was a blind lady with autoimmune disease. The lady was able to see through the healing given by Dr. Vandana and all her problems were solved. Then more people came from across the world and got results. It was only after gathering testimonials from different types of successful healing cases till December 2019 that they decided to start a full-fledged healing centre.
They expanded their horizon with the blessings of Power of Powers and started Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited in 2019. Her family co-owns this business where she is the chairperson. It is the leading healing, health and wellness company in the world.

Flagship Healing Programs

The Sharmas have more than 80 types of services and programs pertaining to healing and transformation. Flagship Healing ProgramsThese include SuperKid / Super Human Program, Super Power Business Program, Super Sports Person Program, Upgradation / Revival of Business, Upgradation of Lifestyle, Employee Empowerment Program, Deep Rooted Healing Session, SuperPowerInvestor Program, Fulfillment Of Desires Program, Past / Future Sessions, Diabetes Free Life Program, etc. They claim that they can heal any issue related to physical, emotional, mental, financial, or relationship issues. They also claim to work equally efficiently on plants, animals and machines with this science as they do for humans.

The Company’s USP

“The USP of our company is that we are technically ahead of all our competitors. We give all our clients lifetime support. We have 100% success rate so far irrespective of the type and complications of the issues. The science we use is limitless and makes everything and anything possible, My Specialty is to accomplish impossible tasks” says Dr. Vandana. She has the SUPERPOWERS to even defy all the laws of this universe as an incarnation of the divine force. The Company’s USP
Dr. Vandana is looking ahead to have their presence PAN world and they are introducing franchise model so that it will expand very quickly across the globe.
“I am ready to help everyone who needs me and willing to go to any extent to make people happy and abundant,” says Dr. Vandana.
A business tycoon, philanthropist, influencer, and self-learned healing professional, Dr. Vandana has transformed and healed more than 24000 of lives through her exceptional services over the years, with Centre serving as the best illustration of her unique healing abilities.
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