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Karishma yadamreddy Managing Partner of Beyond Home Interiors

 Karishma yadamreddy Managing Partner of Beyond Home Interiors
After trying her hand in several fields for a career, she found her calling in 2020 when she bought her home and wanted to furnish it.

Karishma Yadamreddy


Managing partner


Beyond Home Interiors

had not decided to become an interior designer but this one incident was to change her career graph for good. And there has been

No looking back

since then.

An Interesting Journey

After passing her Engineering ( bachelor of technology in information technology), she was selected for a mnc jobs in hyderabadthrough campus placement. She grew tired of that kind of job soon after a year.
The hidden aspiration of becoming a successful businesswoman, started surfacing again, and I felt the need to start my own business in an appropriate area that engaged me emotionally as well as intellectually. Initially, I explored the world of fashion and tried to get into jewelry and fashion designing, but that sector did not seem like the one where I would spend the rest of my career in karishma narrates

In 2020, she bought an apartment and felt that it needed to be furnished according to her taste. She started researching for good designers and found that some were expensive , and some were woefully uncreative.
“I decided then that I should design my home on my own. Home is where people seek to come back to, after a hard day, and it ought to be more than just a place to live. It should de stress; it should lend a sense of peace and tranquility to the occupant. Besides that, I realized that the real estate sector and apartment construction was booming in Hyderabad and there was a need for someone who could provide creatively functional designs and cost effective manner in a cost-effective manner. Through my own experience of designing and furnishing my apartment, I realized that I had the requisite creativity and that is how my journey into the world of interior designing started,” karishma shares.  Unparalleled Services

Unparalleled Services

beyond home interiors provide aconcept to completion to the property owners. Karishma has a team of technically qualified designers who develop the basic design and through repetitive consultations with the owners, she refines and finalizes the design.
“I believe that it is the process of frequent consultations with the clients before and during the implementation of the project that eventually gives value to them. I always keep a small space for last minute changes in the designs even during the implementation phase, to give 100% satisfaction to the owners. That is the basic ethos of Beyond Home,” she informs.

About the Designer

Karishma has a graduate degree in information technology from JNTU Kakinda University. She tried her hand in fashion designing for three years and gathered some deep insights into what works and what does not in the fashion world.
“It is possible that I may have intuitively brought in a few of those insights from the world of fashion into the world of interior design. That probably makes my work a bit distinct and unique and generally liked by the end users,” she shares.
“Compared to earlier years, perhaps the willingness and the ability of the people to experiment a bit and pay for such experimentation have gone up in recent years,” she observes.

The Challenging Project

Developing the interiors for the commercial space of the Nagarjuna Seeds Limited was one of the projects that challenged her intellectually and physically. “Eventually of course, it went off well and turned out to be a great learning experience for me,” Karishma says.

Being Different

beyond home interiors making your home a happy retreat “It was my home, I was paying, but I felt powerless. Likewise, there were severe quality gaps in the material – between what was committed and what was sought to be done. No thematic concepts, no timelines, no schedules, opaque systems, lack of communication, and worse, frightfully expensive quotes. All these were my personal experiences that led me to think in terms of starting my own firm that will address at least some of these concerns of the prospective flat owners. That of course, was a steep learning curve for me and a huge challenge for someone who was otherwise, not academically prepared for such a venture. Mine is a case of a user who turned into an entrepreneur,” Karishma says.

The Challenges

“If we cannot pay the staff well or in time, they move away, and it will be very difficult to find equally skilled manpower. Typically, the work is done by smaller teams and the whole team moves away once they feel dissatisfied over some issue. That can paralyze us and will upset the delivery schedules. Another challenge is to keep a firm grip on the costs and constant monitoring of quality. There are times when the whole work would need to be started afresh because of minor deviations from the approved designs.

Technology in Designing

With the advent technology in

Interior designing

, the time consumed for manual designing has been drastically reduced and making corrections have become easier.
“I think that the initial designing through CAD to develop a 3d visual is one area where we have the largest use of technologyl. That, in a manner of speaking is about 25% of the work,” Karishma notes.

Secret of Success

“I think identifying a business that revolves around one’s aptitude is very critical for success. Even if it takes a few years for you to figure out what exactly will satisfy you, that Eureka moment, that flash of insight, is the one that would be worth waiting for,” she signs off.
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