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August 2023

educator point Nitte (Deemed to be University)
Providing Rich Community-based Learning Experiences

The Nitte group of Institutions

are established under the umbrella of Nitte Education Trust , which was founded by Late Justice Hegde. Nitte (Deemed to be University), a part of this group, was founded in 2008 and is being managed by its very efficient and visionary

Chancellor, Mr. N Vinaya Hegde


list of Nitte group of colleges

nitte group of colleges infographical
overcoming challenges point ks hegde medical academy, nitte institute of physiotherapy, nitte institute of architecture, nitte institute of communication, nitte institute of speech and hearing, nmam institute of technology, justice ks hegde institute of management, nitte institute of hospitality services.

the dynamic educatorThe Dynamic Educator

After completing his schooling in Mangalore, Mr. N Vinaya Hegde graduated from St. Joseph's College Bengaluru.

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“I began my career as a marketing manager at Canara Workshop in Mangalore, which was one of the first automobile ancillary industrial unit of coastal Karnataka. Later on in 1976, along with two partners, I set up Lamina Suspension Products Ltd. which manufactures and sells automobile leaf springs. The group has now grown to include six companies,” narrates Mr. Vinaya.
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He adds, “With the establishing of Nitte Education Trust in 1979, I began my foray into the domain of education. As the President of the Trust, I am responsible for the smooth functioning of the several institutions that are now part of the group. In 2008, when Nitte (Deemed to be University) was formed, I have assumed the responsibility of the Chancellor of the University.”

inclusive educationInclusive Education

Mr. Vinaya observes significant changes in the education sector over the last four decades that he has been associated with this domain:
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Emergence of new industries and services like information technology, biotechnology and online businesses has created new knowledge and skill requirements that educational institutions have had to adapt to. Some of the traditional domains of learning appear to have become less attractive for the present generation of students.

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There has been a shift towards more student-centric practices from the more traditional teacher-led approaches. Today students expect more active learning, individual attention and more of guidance rather than lecturing from teachers.

Justice K S Hegde Institute Of Management Justice K S Hegde Institute Of Management
inclusive education point

Education has been impacted by advances in technology. The easy availability and dissemination of information has forced educational institutions to transform from being knowledge providers to becoming knowledge creators and helping students to develop skills to understand and apply the readily available knowledge to solve problems. Technology has also changed the way teaching-learning happens in schools and colleges. Online learning, blended learning and technological aids have increased access to education.

inclusive education point

Overall, education has become more inclusive. Globalization, changing social structures, increasing incomes and government policies has made education more accessible to people across the society.

overcoming challengesOvercoming Challenges

Mr. Vinaya says that the challenges in the initial years were those of creation and expansion of the institutions. Creating the required infrastructure, understanding and navigating the regulatory landscape were difficult in the early years. Today, the challenges include-
overcoming challenges point Consolidating our institutions and program verticals and continuing our expansion.
overcoming challenges point Sustaining our growth in the fields of research and innovation.
overcoming challenges point Responding to emerging trends and industry's expectations from new graduates in a quick and nimble manner.

being differentBeing Different

Nitte University provides an exceptional opportunity to students with its Multidisciplinary Approach, Strong Healthcare Focus, Research and Innovation, Social Outreach and Community Engagement, Industry Partnerships, Global Collaborations, Emphasis on Values and Ethics.
overcoming challenges point These diverse academic opportunities have made Nitte University stand apart from rest of its counterparts.

words of wisdomWords of Wisdom

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“It is often said that the teacher can no longer afford to be a sage on the stage and has to be a guide by the side of their students. Generational changes in students have changed their expectations from educators and institutions. Educators need to take on greater facilitating roles and be more of mentors rather than instructors,” Mr. Vinaya says.

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He further emphasizes that in the technology driven, rapidly changing world of education, educators have to work harder to stay relevant. One crucial way in which they can reinvent and reskill themselves is to develop a research focus. Engaging in research will help in keeping them abreast of developments in their fields and help them become more competent and confident teachers. At the end of the day, educators have to remain committed to the best interests of their students, take on the responsibility of providing holistic support to them and be inspiring role models.

future plansFuture Plans

future plans point
The University has prepared a Strategic Plan for 2030. The plan envisages the University growing to a size of 30,000+ students, introducing innovative programs in emerging areas of study, establishing centres of excellence in areas of its traditional strength, i.e. health and technology, becoming recognized globally and harness and streamlining its extensive social responsibility activities to create the largest community impact by an educational institution.
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“We have just launched “Project Vriddhi” which brings together a large number of stakeholders with the responsibility of implementing the Strategic Plan over the next seven years to realize the vision of the University. Through Project Vriddhi, we will diversify our program offerings with a strong emphasis on employability outcomes; align our teaching-learning with global standards and with industry expectations through strong functional collaborations with both academic and industry partners. We will strengthen the research ecosystem to foster focussed, sustainable research and innovation programs to deliver outcomes that have societal impact,” Mr. Vinaya informs.

future plans point
Project Vriddhi also aims to increase the presence of international students and faculty in Nitte’s campuses and become a globally recognized education provider. They have definite plans to use transformative technological tools to improve both the academic delivery as well as the student experience in their institutions.
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“On the infrastructure front, in order to support our aspirations for the next few decades, we will develop a new 100 acre campus in Mangalore which will provide a comfortable and enriching experience to our future students while ensuring a green and sustainable growth. Through Project Vriddhi, we look forward to being counted among the top 10 multi-disciplinary private universities of India with global recognition,” shares Mr. Vinaya.